Purchase Contract

(Joint-Stock Company)



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Purchase Contract

(Joint-Stock Company)

June У05Ф 2006



_______, named as УPartner 1 Ф, on the one hand, and ________, named as УУPartner 2Ф, on the other hand, named as УPartiesФ, have concluded the present treaty as follows:


Subject of the Contract

1.1. The Parties came to the agreement on joint activity, where undertake to connect the energies and contributions with the purpose to derive profits due to construction and sale of three cottages:

а) One cottage in the Zhana Kok-Tobe Village, Almaty area;

б) Two cottages in the Yubileynyy Village, Almaty area.

The Parties undertake to bring to joint activity in the equal money contributions at a rate of 50 % from cost of the project.

In the future the cost of the project will be defined taking into account the Appendix to the given contract.


2. Management and conducting of common business

2.1. The Contract of common business on joint activity and conducting of common business is carried out by the Parties together. Or Partner 1 or Partner 2. Including business accounting?

Each Party, independently if it is authorized to conduct under common business or not, has the right to get acquainted with the documentation on business management, and also to receive any other information on an joint activity.


3. Joint possession of the Parties

3.1. Money or other property payments of the Parties, and also property on the Contract or the property obtained as a result of a joint activity, are their common shared property.

3.2. The usage by property is carried out after discussion between Parties (as agreed of Parties).


4. Distribution of the profits

4.1. Distribution of the profit, received as a result of a joint activity, is made as a result of sale of cottages.

4.2. The profits received by the Parties as a result of their joint activity, is distributed between the Parties in equal shares (equally).


5. Disengagement from the Company

5.1. The Party wishing to stop the present Contract should declare it to other Party not later than one month prior to an expected going out from the Contract. The application should be made in writing.


6. Order of alienation of shares

6.1. The Parties have the right freely to dispose of shares, belonging to them, in the common shared property under condition if they follow the right of a primary purchase of such share by the other Party.


7. Period of Validity of the Contruct and additional conditions

7.1. The present Contract inures from the moment of its signing by the Parties and works up to ______ 2006г. or it carries TERMLESS character.

7.2. Contract automatically is prolonged its terms each next year, after period specified in item N1 of the present Contract, if any of the Parties one month prior to its termination has not notified the other Party on cancellation of the Contract.

7.3. Reasons and order of the discontinuance of the Agreement, and also the responsibility of the Parties are determined by the current remedial legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7.4. The Parties in the mutual consent can make changes and additions to the present Agreement, which should be perfect in writing and are signed by the Parties.

7.5. The Contract is prepared in duplicate (a copy for each Party) having an equal legal force.


Addresses and essential data on the Parties:

Partner 1

The surname, name, patronymic, year of birth, identification card, N, is given in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, town (village), address


Partner 2

The surname, name, patronymic, year of birth, identification card, N, is given in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, town (village), address





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