Philosophical flaws. Any philosophy that is not able to explain the most insignificant or repellent things in life, too, is in itself a trick.

Философские недостатки. Любая философия, которая не способна объяснить самые незначащие или отталкивающие вещи в жизни, также, является сама по себе уловкой.


Philosophical flaws*?

Philosophical flaws? Just to look, not to change

Ugly world that researchers all try to explain.

No reasons to do it by mechanical way

If all time we define the significant range

Of those things they can both insignificant us

And if people donot trust simply us.


Philosophical laws? Not to look but to change*

Ugly world that researchers only try to explain.


*Not to look but to help.


February, 12, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold


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