Пари-приз в 1 миллион Евро!

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1. Museum of Cinematography named after Princess Grace of Monaco

(The Lubov Orlova Museum, Gagry)

For Russian (s.l.)* Tourists

Monte-Carlo, Monaco, KrasnoDar and frontier areas: Perestroyka

[перестройка Монако и Кубани (nondynamic life-style) из-за границы]


based on collections of the Princess Grace fans,

HollyWood Collection, Collection of Princess Grace Dolls, Collection of Magazines about Grace, Collection of Books about Grace

as well as private materials of the Grimaldi Family (photos, magazines, dolls, dresses, shoes, jewellies, money-boxes, postcards, poststamps, etc.)


Fragments of documentary movies

15.30 Daily, every hour (season's movies' schedule)

Grace in Hollywood

Wedding in Monaco

Princess Grace of Monaco

Grace and Rainier

Grace and her family


Sonday Cinema for tourists - movies with participation of the actress of Hollywood - Grace Kelly


Note: Information about the Museum to include in all touristic guide-books, maps, schemes, webs, etc.


*statistics on visitoship of museums, pictural galleries, sightseeing tours, exhibitions, flower-shows, etc.

(a lot of reasonable ideas for tourists: Meierhold in Monte-Carlo - XIX-XXc., ?XXIc.)



Wedding Place


О природе вещей повествует поэма

Конкурс танцоров оперетт (competition)


2. Rosarium in Antique Summer Garden, BodenSee, DE

(with Antique sculptures, vases*, fontains, bridges, small (!) lakes, etc.)



**Competitions of talants - artists, sculptors, gardeners, militaries (МЧС)...

 Natural (=TechnoGene, Social) catastrophes?

VOLLMOND CALENDAR (Gezeiten, Blutandrang, GasUebergehung)?



Monte-Carlo, "Alexander Nevskiy Cinematograph"


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