Давно познала в жизни толк

 I've known life's sense for long time


Давно познала в жизни толк,

Имея зоркий глаз, как прежде,

Тот что к земле предубеждён

И к духу низкому невежды,


Спокойствия что не терял,

Когда рукою чёркал муки,

И хладнокровно нож вонзал

В свои безгрешные науки.


5 сентября 2008г., г.Алматы

Тасия Мейерхольд


I've known life's sense for long time,

'That, 'prejudiced so much to Earth,

And having 'sharp and sighted eye,

I see th' same 'life's style, as before,


With low spirit, all neglected,

Ignored muses, lived for fun,

That drops best lines, just for the action,

With cooly knife says: It must b' done.


I know life's sense. What's the business?

What do I want to prove myself?

That no truth? - commerse and business

Dictate to fly or not to fly my elves?..


To trash away all Nazar-bayevs commercial intel-stollen monopoly !

Up to now I could not publish a line: come back to the Invalids' question

Tasiya Meierhold

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September, 5, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold




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